Friday, May 29, 2009

I Would Tell You

My deepest apologies to the Richly Supplied readers (All 2 of you. :) ) for the lack of posts this week. I know you must be going through withdrawal about now. It has been a busy week. David's Grandmother passed away this past Saturday and we were up in Virginia for the funeral for most of the week.

I have tried to start this post many times since coming home, but cannot figure out a way to start it.

I have typed and erased the first sentence at least a half dozen times. You see, if I could just figure out how or where to start, I would tell you so much...

I would tell you about my first visit to the farm where Grandma Clovis lived. The mountains were alive with the bold reds, oranges and yellows of autumn. The fields around her house rustled with the constant mountain top breeze. I would tell you of tromping through the mountain laurel with David (who I was dating at the time), talking about our future plans and dreams.

Caleb playing in the snow in front of the barn at the farm

I would tell you about Grandma's beautiful smile and contagious laughter. Her stories were often comical and sometimes down right zany. (You might remember the story of when beavers attack.) I would tell you of her quick wit, her honest approach to life and her simple, joyful spirit.

I would tell you of her determination, her strong will-power and her desire to finish strong. At 95, she still lived in the home her husband built by hand 70 odd years ago. She cooked and heated with a wood stove, had a garden she tended and did her own laundry in her basement weekly.

Three generations of love

If I could figure out how to start this post, I would tell you of her love for her family and friends. She adored her grandchildren (David and his sister, Valerie) and equally adored her six great-grandchildren. I will always remember her and Caleb laughing up a storm as she attacked him with tickles and kisses.

Tickles galore

I would tell you of her love for Jesus and her faith in His plan for her life. She had told me at our last visit she was ready to be in heaven whenever He called. She missed her husband of nearly fifty years and although her mind was sharp as ever, her body was tired.

Grandma and Nathan: Love at first sight

I would tell you of this last visit. I would tell you how I saw God's fingerprints over us. For many years, Grandma had prayed she would never have to go to a nursing home. Saturday she was scheduled to leave her home for an assisted living facility. Saturday morning she was found in a coma in her own bed and Saturday evening she passed on. Her prayer was answered in God's perfect timing.

God's is intimately involved in the details of our lives to the very end.

If I could just start this post, I would tell you how it rained heavily off and on all weekend. I would tell you of praying and pleading with God to just stop the rain for the burial service. I would tell you of how I said "God's answer must be no." when it was pouring down rain and we were only 1/4 mile away from the cemetery. I would tell you that David said "We are not there yet." I would tell you of God's faithfulness in that as we pulled into the old mountain cemetery, the rain stopped. I would tell you that as we pulled out of the cemetery, it started to pour once again.

If I could just start this post, I would have so much to tell you...

Friday, May 22, 2009

Das Not Funny Friday Bees and Toes

Do not forget to click on the picture above to read some more Das Not Funny stories this week!


While sitting down to dinner one night this week, David was telling me about two bees that had bored holes in Caleb's clubhouse.

With a mouthful of food, Caleb mumbled incoherently "Bees dammenit murfin clurfen."

David and my eyes got big as saucers as I know both of us thought for a minute, "Where in the world did he hear that ?!?"

David asked Caleb to repeat himself when he had swallowed.

"Bees damaged my clubhouse."

Woo, that was a close one.


At the grocery store today, Nathan sat up in the front seat of the cart for the first time. I was trying to be really careful to keep an eye on him, but had to turn around to get things every once in a while.

One time, while turned around, I heard him cry out. I turned around to try to calm him down before we continued shopping. A few minutes later this happened again.

As I turned around this time, I caught Caleb with his pearly whites chomping on Nathan's big toe.

Caleb looks at me, removes his mouth and says "Sorry, Nathan." As Nathan cries a bit, Caleb breaks out singing at the top of his lungs, "Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells" (Caleb's choice comforting song for when Nathan is upset.)

Man, I get hungry grocery shopping too, but not that hungry!


At the zoo yesterday, we saw some great animals (and I don't mean all the little kids that we went with!) Caleb was excited to tell our neighbors and his daddy about the zoo trip.

Here I was thinking he would be impressed by the elephants, giraffes, seals or the like. Nope.

All the boy talked about with them was that the seat in the helicopter was torn and that the zoo needed to get a new one. (The helicopter is in the exhibit next to the elephants that describes elephant tracking and rescue.)

So glad we have the season pass so we can visit the helicopter again!


Hope you have a great and funny long weekend!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Things that Make You Go...


Now before you start thinking, "There she goes again, posting about poo," this is not not kind of going. This is about the things my sweet boys do that make my heart melt and make me go awww!

Like when Caleb is watching a video and laughs aloud with the fullness of joy running over.


Or when Nathan reaches his arms up for the first time as I bend low to pick him up or when he gives me his deep belly laugh and biggest grin, that special mommy smile.


Or when Caleb is sitting with Nathan playing and calls to me, "Mama, I love Nathan." "You do?" "Yes mama, I love Nathan."


How have those special ones in your life made you go aww lately?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Distracted Again...

I went to start this post about 15 minutes ago, but started reading baby stuff online and got distracted. Seems fitting since I was going to post on being so easily distracted lately.

I have always been one that has been easy to distract...

As a child playing tee ball, I would stand out in left field twirling, singing, playing with flowers, always surprised when a ball was hit my way. You might of guessed correctly I was not the most popular member of the team and only played one season. I also did dance, gymnastics, swimming and baton twirling. Somewhere, there is a great video of my baton recital and me chasing the silly stick all over the stage.

But there I go getting distracted again...

When I started dating David, he realized my distractability and began to insist that I sit facing walls in restaurants. Otherwise, I spent my time watching people, listening in on others' conversations or watching the TV if there happened to be one. Last night I enjoyed watching the Survivor finale. I am a Survivor and Amazing Race fan (But have come to loathe CBS' commercials for their other shows). I would love to do the Amazing Race, but am scared of heights and there is always a part where they jump, dive, para glide off some tall structure.

But there I go getting distracted again...

Unfortunately my distraction has recently resulted in me being forgetful of events and even worse, thinking about all kinds of things during my prayer time except that which I need to be praying. It is especially bad if I am listening to someone else pray. My mind wanders down so many rabbit trails, that I barely hear them say "Amen."

I think I need to start praying for focus, orderly thoughts and to be a little less distracted. If I am a little less distracted maybe I will remember things like how I told David I would make strawberry pie today. He picked several gallons of strawberries this weekend I have frozen some and made preserves with the others. We still have a gallon left though and I need to get to work on them, but think I will check my email first.

But there I go getting distracted again....

Friday, May 15, 2009

Das Not Funny Friday

Life has been a little busy these last couple of days and while I truly intended to keep track of the boys' funnies this week, I failed miserably in that attempt. I can remember one funny dinner conversation though...

Caleb: What is trout? (We were eating hot dogs for dinner.)
David: It is a type of fish that you can eat.
Caleb: Eat fish?
David: Yeah, like fish sticks (which is really the only type of fish I cook at home.)
Caleb: Fish sticks?
David: Yeah, like chicken nuggets, but chopped up fish.
Caleb: Fish nuts! I like to eat fish nuts!
David: Nuggets.
Caleb: Fish nuts! Yummy fish nuts. What are fish nuts?

On another front, Nathan had his 6 month checkup today. He is healthy and growing so big. I had to fill out a pre-checkup form out earlier this week. One of the questions was "What does your child's bowel movements look like?" (I am not kidding.) My response? Whatever he has eaten lately. Aah...the life of a mom.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Blackhawk, Hot Air Balloon and Trains, Oh My!

This Saturday was Learn to Fly day at one of our favorite spots, The NC Transportation Museum in Spencer, NC. We usually head down there throughout the summer to ride the train before meeting up with David (who works nearby) for lunch. This weekend, we meet up with some great friends and had a blast with the blackhawk, hot air balloon and trains, oh my!

Seeing a Blackhawk land is really breathtaking. You can't see the tree limbs blowing off in this picture, but I can assure you this is one powerful machine.

David and Caleb watching it closely...

Later in the morning, Caleb got to hop in the cockpit. Luckily. he did not know how to start it again! He also walked inside a hot air balloon, but was a little scared and I did not get a picture of it. Oh well...

A visit to the Train Museum is never complete without a train ride! This is Abbie's first train ride (Nathan's second...we went with him when he was 1 month old I think)

Nathan napped most of the AM... can't resist a cute feet picture!

The kids (and adults) had a great time!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Half Birthday

Nathan had his half birthday last week. It is hard to believe he is already 6 months old. In honor of this sweet baby, here are six cute pictures and six things I love about my baby boy:

1. I love that he is such a happy baby. His smile will melt the coldest heart and his giggle is truly contagious!

2. Nathan adores his big brother. He will sit and watch Caleb for as long as Caleb will let him, often breaking out into cackles of laughter at whatever Caleb is doing.

3. I love that Nathan enjoys being outside. It is as if he almost can't wait to get up and run around the yard. His favorite seat at the moment is this sled. He loves it even more when we pull him around in it!

4. Nathan can sit up like a big boy now. He enjoys sitting and playing with toys, toes and anything else his slobbery paws can reach.

5. Nathan loves to eat and eat and eat and eat. He has not met a food yet that he does not like and often for lunch we will go through 4-6 ounces of fruit/veggies and 1/2 cup of cereal. I think he stores it in his chipmunk cheeks for a snack later.

6. I love (and hate) the fact that he is growing up. It is a joy to see his personality come through and to think of the amazing potential he has. God has a fabulous plan for him and I can only imagine where these little feet will go someday.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Upside Down- The End and The Beginning

Do you live as if you love God?

This question seemed to haunt me well after the retreat had ended. I knew without a doubt that God loved me and even had an inkling that He was intimately involved in my life. Still, what did it mean to live my life showing my love for God?

Was it doing the same thing most college kids do as I turned 21 a few weeks after the retreat? Was it dating someone who did not share my faith journey (which I was doing at the time)? Was it living life MY way while allowing God to enter in whenever convenient?

In my heart, I knew the answer to these questions was no. I knew that I was going to need to sacrifice my selfish desires since God had selflessly sacrificed His Son for me.

I just was not ready yet.

Then there was the road trip to Tennessee. A friend had told me of some event there called One Day. College kids, getting together, camping out, singing, hearing speakers. Sounded like a good time and I had nothing better to do.

One Day.

A bare whisper of what heaven might be like.

40,000+ people seeking God's face with abandon.

Pure passion for a passionate God.

Words cannot truly explain what I experienced there. All I knew, was that is what I lacked and what I desperately needed. God won my heart, my soul, my life. I returned home determined to live a life passionately seeking His glory and His renown.

If it was only that easy.

I have learned since then, that I have to renew this commitment daily, moment by moment. I fail miserably at times. I am short-tempered, unloving and do not follow wholeheartedly after God.

But, I am trying.

And it is only because of His help that I can.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Upside Down- Part 2

Daughter, You are Mine.

With gentle whispers, God turned my life upside down one night sitting on the front steps of Healy Hall. It is funny that I call them gentle whispers now, because then I can remember feeling as if something had me by the shoulders, shaking me, as they also slapped me across the face.

As the sun rose that morning, I realized in my heart, I could not do this thing called life alone anymore. I needed something bigger than myself, I needed a Savior.

You are forgiven.

Oh, how the depths of my life played out before the eyes of my heart... the people I had hurt, the pain I continued to inflict on myself, the downside up life I had embraced and lived with abandon.

Sitting on those steps, God revealed to my heart that He had never left me, had always loved me and wanted to be personally involved in turning my life upside down. All I had to do was say, "Yes, I am Yours."

Time to come home, My child.

That night, I took my first step on my journey of faith. At the time, I did not know what was going to happen or what I needed to do, I just knew a relationship with God was suddenly very important to me. I was no longer satisfied with living my downside up life.

I wish I could say that my life did a complete turnaround after praying on those steps and that suddenly I no longer had the desire to do the things that had left me downside up.

That would be a lie though.

You see, the very next nigh,t after I had given my heart to God, I returned to the prayer vigil and spent time with some others praying and singing praise songs, but this time I was on my way home from a party and was more than a little tipsy.

I spent the next year of my life trying to live a downside up life upside down or maybe it was an upside down life down side up, either way, I split my time trying to live life MY way and trying to serve God at the same time.

One weekend, a party

7 friends, 12 bottles of wine, 3 hours or so

a walk home, ending innocently enough this time

The next weekend, a retreat

Praising God, learning about His Word,

Being faced with a question I will never forget,

as it showed me the sham of a life I was living,

as it still haunts me today,

Do you live as if you love God?

Monday, May 4, 2009

Upside Down- Part 1

Ten years ago during the early days of May, my life was turned upside down. But first, you have to understand how I had gotten to be so downside up.

My freshman year in college was one of the hardest I have faced. In 12 short months, my aunt (who I was extremely close to) passed away from cancer, followed in short time by my grandmother and grandfather who had helped raise me. My brother spent weeks in the hospital after being shot in the chest with a hunting rifle and I spent one long night in the hospital ER recovering from alcohol poisoning.

My sophomore year did not start off any better. The fall of that year, I was hospitalized with stroke-like symptoms and later was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm (that disappeared upon further tests.) The spring of my sophomore year, I was wrapped up in studies, partying, and running for the student government vice presidency.

The night I lost the race, life seemed to stop. Looking back, it seems trivial now, but then it was as if the world crashed down on me, leaving me as downside up as one can get.

Only looking back now, can I see God's hand as He began to move in my heart and in my life during that dark hour.

Two weeks later, I received a call from a group of students who were protesting the firing of the Protestant chaplains at Georgetown. You might find this hard to believe, but in college, I was known for organizing protests. The group asked for my help and I can remember my thoughts being, "Well, I am not Catholic, so I must be Protestant, so I guess I will help."

They asked me to come be a part of prayer vigil. I had to bite back the words and the laughter in my heart, "Me? Pray? Uh, I don't think so. You see, I am not into this God thing. He might exist, but I want nothing to do with Him." I did not say what I was thinking and ended up on the steps of Healy Building one cold and dark night.

God met me there that night.

There is no other way to explain it.

In His kind and gentle way,

He slapped me across the face

with the fullness of His love and grace.

Daughter, you are Mine.

And my life was turned upside down...
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