Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Brothers are Fun

Brothers are so much fun...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Picture Time: DNP

David worked hard this weekend and the new computer has all my pictures on it now!

Put on your seat belts for a little picture overload as we catch up on several weeks of pictures.

Several weeks ago, we visited one of our favorite places- Dan Nicholas Park!

Caleb loved the mini-golf course (and I love the fact is free for ages 3 and under)...

Nathan loved the little kids' playground...

And the mulch...

And the slide...

All the kids loved the splash park...

We loved visiting the parks with our beautiful friends...

And I love these new pics of my boys...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Coon Huntin'

We had a little bit of excitement on Tuesday evening. I was sitting on the back patio playing with Nathan when David came running out of the house carrying the shotgun, Caleb following close behind.

While this might be a common occurrence for some of you, it is rather uncommon around here. It seems that Caleb spotted a little visitor running through our side yard...

(This is not an actual picture of our visitor, but a close cousin I am sure.)

David goes rushing after the raccoon, who is not scared in the least bit that a large man is chasing him with some kind of metal stick. I go rushing after David, begging for him not to shoot it, reminding him that the raccoon is one of God's creatures too. Caleb comes rushing after me, yelling for our neighbor next door to get his gun, "Daddy's going hunting!"

As David is tracking the animal down, we have a full discussion over the merits of a raccoon living in our yard...rabies, destructive little buggers, really doesn't hurt anything, etc. David listens to my pleas and instead of shooting, corners the poor beast in the back and starts throwing things at it. Caleb decides this is a great time to drop trou and do a little plant watering. Just as he finishes, the raccoon darts past David and runs toward me and Caleb.

I yell for Caleb to get in the clubhouse. I have never seen him climb the clubhouse rope ladder quicker than when that raccoon came toward him (and with his drawers still around his ankles none the less!)

The coon, shocked by Caleb's "full moon," hurries past us and into the neighbors' yard. Well, being the good neighbors that we are, David goes and knocks on the door (still carrying his gun.) The neighbors say nothing about the gun (I guess it is a more common occurrence than I thought) and step out to see the coon on top of their trashcan. A soaking with the house got him off pretty quickly and the last we saw of him, the raccoon was running off under the shed.

Just another
evening in the Richly Supplied household...

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Grace is...

Grace is arriving somewhere on time, although you left the house 15 minutes late.

Grace is finding a soaking wet DVD.

Grace is finding said DVD when it is absolutely your fault that it was lost in the first place.

Last Thursday, I was flustered and in a rush to get out the door to CBS. We were running about 15 minutes late and I was worried that we would not be in time to set up the room and do other Thursday morning "stuff."

I knew when I placed the Netflix DVD on the roof of my car that it was a bad idea. The thought ran through my head, "You are going to leave it there. Watch out." That thought was quickly replaced by the thought of "Oh no! I left Blue Pup inside!" (Blue Pup is Nathan's best friend, confidant and utmost comfort provider.) I ran in to get Blue Pup and locked the door.

It was pouring down rain as we left and I breathed a sigh of relief that we were all in the car and on our way. We arrived in plenty of time for CBS (grace) and had a great class (a little more grace.)

On the ride home Caleb told me that he had reminded me earlier to get the movie for the mail box and why did we not put the movie in the mailbox when we left.




The DVD that I had put on top of my car was no longer there. I know this is not a big deal in the scheme of things, but I had been promising for two days to get this DVD in the mail and then I go and drive off in the pouring rain with it on the top of the car.

I began pouring my heart out to God (because what matters to us, matters to Him- a lot more grace) as my eyes scanned the roadsides. No DVD.

We arrived home and Caleb and my mom insisted that they go look in the yard, although it was still pouring rain.

I prayed one last time, confessing I didn't deserve to find the DVD, but asked the One who created the universe and the One who loves me to no end, to find it for me.

Caleb came running in shouting he had found the DVD! (grace) It was soaking wet and the envelope was falling apart, but he had found it! (more grace) He was excited that God had answered our prayers and I was excited that Caleb got to see God working in the everyday details of life (not to mention the excitement at finding the DVD!) (lots and lots of grace.)

Grace is

an answered prayer

God working in the unexpected,

finding that which was lost,

the gift of life we receive daily,

moment by moment.

Grace is...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Das Not Funny Friday Word Play

It is Friday again and time for Das Not Funny Friday! Make sure you click on the picture above for some more stories to make you laugh!


Each morning over breakfast we read a quick devotional and the names of missionaries serving around the world whose birthday it is that day. Caleb enjoys singing happy birthday to them each morning. One day last week one of the missionaries was named Peggy. Caleb's ears perked up.

Caleb: Piggy??

Daddy: No, Peggy.

Caleb: Piggy! There is a missionary pig! Missionary Pig! Missionary Pig telling people about God!


On Saturday, we went to a wedding. It was Caleb's first wedding and we were trying to explain what would happen. We told him that after the wedding there would be a party or reception, but we were not sure we would go because of the timing.

Caleb, whining with all his might: But I wanna go to the deception. I really wanna go to the deception after the wedding.

Hhmm...hopefully there will be none of that.


As we got in the car after the wedding, Caleb continued his plea to go to the reception.

Caleb: Mom, I really really wanna go to the conception. Pleeeaaasseee can we go to the conception?

No bud, I can assure you we were not invited.


Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Fallen for a Lie

I have fallen for a lie.

As I have continued to think over this post and the kind responses left, I have come to realize I have fallen for a lie, well really a whole passel of lies:

"What you do is not important. What you do will not change anything. Look at this great thing- you aren't doing this or this or this. That is what is really important. You, your life, not so much."

I have heard the lies whispered deep in my soul at night when I lie there wondering what did I accomplish in a given day. I hear it when I read or learn about amazing ministries in which others have been called to serve. I hear these lies when I hear of the injustice, poverty, death and illness that is so pervasive in our world.

Psalm 44:15-16 says "All day long my dishonor is before me and my humiliation has overwhelmed me, because of the voice of him who reproaches and reviles, because of the presence of the enemy and the avenger."

I have listened to my enemy as he points out my inadequacy and seeks to humiliate and dishonor me for too long.

I have believed his lies...

But, I serve a God who is Truth. In His mercy, He spreads His light to reveal the lies in the darkness.

I serve a God who has a plan for my life, to use me for His glory and His renown. I might not understand the plan, but I know that if I continue to seek His will for my life, I cannot go wrong.

When I live in obedience to His calling upon my life, is when I am most powerful, joyful, peaceful and when life is most truly lived.

I made a difference today when I prayed for ministries around the world. I made a difference today when I made my husband lunch and told him I love him. I made a difference today when I read book after book to Caleb. I made a difference today when I hugged Nathan after he fell.

I made a difference today in the little ways and maybe even some big ways I will never know.

I may have believed the lies of my enemy, but no longer do I believe in anything beyond the truth, love and freedom of my God!

Friday, September 11, 2009

I Will Remember (9-11-01)

Eight years have passed so quickly and yet, if I let the memories come back, it seems just like yesterday.

I remember being excited about starting my first day at my first "real" job. I caught the bus to the metro and walked the final blocks to the building that sat half way between the Capital Building and the White House. I remember coming into the office early to fill out paper work and talking with my new supervisor, a TV tuned into CNN humming in the background.

I remember the look on his face and turning around as terror unfolded on the screen behind me. I remember saying "Oh no, what is going to be next?" I remember moments later someone walking in the office saying the Pentagon had been hit.

I remember returning to my desk and desperately trying to connect with friends who lived and worked around the DC area. (I have never been more thankful for IM than that day.) I remember talking to a friend who sat on a balcony at Georgetown watching the Pentagon burn.

I remember hearing what seemed to be a huge explosion and being told the State Department had been hit, later to find out it was a jet taking off to intercept one last plane in the air. I remember later hearing of the heroics of those aboard that plane, who saved untold numbers of lives that day by sacrificing their own.

I remember being called into a conference room, being told we should not leave until we knew more, but that anyone who did not want to ride public transportation home would be given a ride. (My hand went up before the sentence was finished.)

I remember the strangely quiet ride home, coming up over the 14th Street Bridge and seeing the smoldering ruins of the Pentagon. My breath stopped and tears that I had held check all day flowed freely.

I remember spending the afternoon and evening with David and his roommates, because I felt safe there. I remember my mom calling me and telling me my brother was on his way to get me and me shutting that idea down. I remember David sharing with one of his clearest memories of the day. As he came to the one of the biggest and busiest intersections in Alexandria, VA, it was completely deserted, albeit for one other vehicle- a huge pickup truck, flying a huge American flag, blaring "A Country Boy Can Survive."

I remember going to church that night, praying, weeping, and beseeching God. I remember the service we had shortly after and the stories that poured out. God's heart broke with ours that day eight years ago, He cried with us, held us and His mercy and grace continues to flow forth over us.

I remember watching footage all evening, all week really- watching until I could bear it no more. I will always remember those images.

I will always remember the bravery, the heartache, the fear, the uncertainty of what was to happen, but the certainty of Who remained in control of it all.

I remember and always will...

Thursday, September 10, 2009

But Still...

The last night of camp, a sermon was given to inspire each of us to go out and do great things for God. Stories were told of young people who used their gifts and talents to raise money, start ministries and impact the world with the love of Jesus.

At Oneday, a prayer was said over us the last day...may we dream dreams as big as God is and do things as big as God is. We were all asked to dream big, to act on those dreams and to see just how God could use a willing generation.

But still...here I am today, still thinking on this call to dream big...still trying to figure out what that means for my life. You see, growing up, I had huge dreams. In middle school, I was convinced I was going to be a Supreme Court Justice. At some point my certainty in this waned and when asked what I was going to do when I grew up I would respond with "I don't know, but I know when I die it will be on the news, not in a bad way like someone was murdered, but in a good way, like someone really important died today." (Yes, I really said and believed this. Please don't laugh too hard.)

Now, I am a mom and dreaming the big dream or doing the big thing for God seems to be lost in a muddle of Bob the Builder stories and dirty diapers. In the day to day tasks of being a mom, I have somehow lost the vision of how what I do shows Jesus' love to the world.

I know that showing love to my boys shows Jesus' love, but still....

I know that teaching the kids I have a privilege to learn with each week shows Jesus' love, but still...

There is just a part of me that has a hard time buying that what I do is making any difference in light of all the world's troubles or that a difference is made in the face of eternity.

I know that I am WRONG about that, but still...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Of new authors, computers and such

Just some thoughts and such...

We have a new computer here in the Richly Supplied household. My fabulous husband bought all the parts and put it together himself. (Such a handy man to have around!!) I love it so far. It is much quicker and I am excited about the movie editing software it has on it. We are moving stuff like pictures over still, so the blog might be pictureless for the next little bit.


I also discovered a new author this week! Well, she is not new to writing, but she is new to me and I love finding new authors whom I can enjoy. Her name is Jane Kirkpatrick and she writes historical fiction centered around the Native Americans of the northwestern US. I have consumed two of her books this week and would highly suggest her if you enjoy reading historical fiction.


Nathan turned 10 months this week. Where did this year go so quickly?? He is such a sweet spirited child, full of laughs and smiles. He has reached warp speed in his crawling abilities and can also stand unaided for a good length of time. No steps (or teeth) yet, but I am sure the time for that will be here soon. Pictures as soon as we get the computer set.


CBS went GREAT last week. Thanks to anyone who said a prayer for us and our 10 boys. The guys were gentlemen, listened well and were a joy to teach. God is so good and I cannot wait to see how much we learn this year in our study of Luke.


I guess that is our midweek review. Hope yours is as blessed as ours has been!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Das Not Funny Friday Stinky!

It is Friday! Wow, did this week fly by! With CBS starting, a zoo trip and a trip to Dan Nicholas Park, we had a busy and FULL week. Only one little funny story to share here, but click above for some more Das Not Funny Friday action!

This morning I was complaining (loudly) about the smell in my kitchen.

Me: Shoowee it reeks in here! What is that smell?

Caleb: That is just my butt, Mommy.

Me: What?

Caleb: That is my butt mom. It really smells.

Good to know, Caleb. Good to know.

(Surprisingly it was not his butt, but the overripe trash that reeked. It has been removed and it smells much better in the kitchen now.)

Have a great LONG weekend!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Workboxes Done!

So I have thought about doing it...

I have talked about doing it...

and this week I FINALLY did it!

Workboxes a la Wendi!

We had four boxes this week:

1. Worksheets on number recognition and counting
2. Playdough fun with scissors
3. A counting game I made up (Go find 4 cars. Go find 3 blue blocks, etc.)
4. Making Jello Jigglers

We have been out of the house a lot this week, but when we were home, Caleb seemed to enjoy the boxes. Here is what I have learned from our first week of workboxes:

1. While the workboxes are to encourage independent play, Caleb is not there yet. The worksheets remain undone because I did not find a good time to sit with him when he was interested in doing them. ("Mommy, can we do the worksheets now?" while I am cooking dinner just didn't work"). Over the next week, I am going to have to find a good time to sit down with Caleb so we can do his sheets.

2. Getting four activity ideas together really was not that difficult. I sat down and made a list of activities to draw from over the next couple of months and this planning really made it easier. It think it took me 15 minutes on Saturday evening to put all the supplies into boxes.

3. Having a box prepared and an activity to pull out whenever needed sure can come in handy. Today we were close to hitting an "I'M BORED" fit, when Caleb recalled we had not made the Jello yet. We took the five minutes to make the Jello and turned around an entire afternoon.

So far, I would have to say I am pleased with these workboxes and am looking forward to having them add a bit of structure to our pre-preschooling!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I Can Remember: The Story of US

My first cognizant memory of David is "Why in the world is he here and why does he keep coming back?" I can remember sitting across from him in the "old peoples' room" at First Baptist Alexandria in the newly created college/career class, wondering what did he see in this group that made him keep coming back.

To be fair, at that time, there were only 4 or 5 of us who regularly attended the class and the room really did belong to the senior senior senior adult Sunday School class (the green carpet, pastoral paintings and bright pink chairs all spoke to this fact.) AND while he came, he never said a word the first 3-4 times he visited. So, I sat there wondering why in the world did this guy keep coming back.

As I got to know David better over the months that followed (and we moved into a bigger SS room and a ton more people joined the group), I became really glad that he was there. For the first year or so that I knew David, he was a friend and a brother to me. We knew each other within the group context, he gave me rides and sometimes paid for my meals when my funds ran low. (Being my senior year in college and his first year at a real job, my funds were a lot lower than his.)

The year that I got to know David was the greatest period of spiritual growth I have ever known. God placed a great group of Godly people in my life and I was challenged and inspired to be more like Him every single time I saw them. The greatest example of "true church" I have ever seen was the Crossroads/K2 group...but I digress.

As time progressed, it became obvious to me and others that David was interested in more than a friendship. He asked to meet me for lunch at Burger King one day shortly before my college graduation and there, we had THE talk. I told him I was incredibly flattered, but that God did not want me to date him at that time. (Which was true and not a cop-out at all!)

David returned to work broken-hearted. I was the first and only girl he had ever asked out and I had said no. He later told me that a week or so later, he was reassured through prayer that we would be married someday and he just needed to wait. (I am so glad he did not tell me that then, or he might still be waiting. ;-) )

The summer progressed and as David wonderfully respected my need for limits in our friendship, God really began a work in my heart and I began to see him in a different light...

I can remember him helping at a lock-in I had planned as a youth intern. I remember playing sardines and turning to a great friend of ours saying, "I think I like David Richards." We both were pretty much floored at that point.

I can remember playing volleyball with the group and another young lady (who was new that summer and did not know our history) flirting with him and feeling J-E-A-L-O-U-S. I can also remember trying to flirt with him, tapping his water bottle while he drank it, and splitting his lip.

I can remember wanting so badly to tell him that I liked him and wanted to date him, but knowing it was important for him to take the first step and initiate our relationship.

I can remember Sept. 11th and being in downtown DC while chaos broke loose. I can remember going to his apartment and spending that afternoon with him and his roommates because I felt safe there.

I can remember shortly thereafter, walking down a path at an Alexandria park, having another one of THOSE conversations. I remember both of us being clear that dating was not a game for us. We both knew then that if we were not meant to be together in marriage, we were not going to date just for the thrill of it.

I can remember the first time we held hands...

I can remember the first time he said I love you...

I can remember our first kiss...

I remember fondly much of the past seven plus years and look forward to having many more years to remember with the one I love.
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