Monday, August 30, 2010

For the Love of Puffs

Who knew what fun 80 balls of fluff could be?

Great for sorting and practicing fine motor skills...

Puffs are perfect for doing patterns on the letter P...

Even more perfect for throwing up in the air and pretending you are making popcorn...

This might just be the best dollar store investment I have made in awhile...

So good in fact, I don't mind finding the random puff in my car or my shoe or the far corner under the table... long as the puffs continue to cause this handsome smile!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blood: Water Mission

I am a huge fan of Blood: Water Mission and their work in Africa. Never heard of them? Click here to read more about them.

After reading about them, take a moment and visit this blog to vote for them to receive $15,000 to further their projects bringing clean water to those who need it the most.

Take a moment, vote and change lives forever.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


If you have talked to me lately in real life, you know it is no secret that I am not a big fan of the life season my family and I are currently going through.

Something to do with a combination of my husband needing to work long~crazy~insane hours as his work is ramping up for a major project and my love language being quality time. Who could guess that someone (like me) who lives to spend time with others (especially the love of my life) would not be happy when those others are not around? Yeah, go figure.

I never really knew my love language before I was married...I think I first read The Five Love Languages for our premarital Sunday School class. (Its a great book and if you have lived under a rock haven't read it yet, you really should.) At first reading, I couldn't figure out which language I spoke. Over the last eight years, it has become clearer and clearer. I think my first hint came when I would just sit and watch David working on projects around the house. No, I was not fascinated with rewiring the living room, I just wanted to be with him, no matter what we were doing.

So, yeah, I am not a fan of long hours of work.

I did not intend for this to be a whine-fest. I am truly thankful for his incredible work ethic (he is a great example for me as I tend to be on the lazy side) and for the fact he has a job period (and a really good job at that). What I intended to share is...

On the way home from meeting him for dinner tonight, I was grumbling in my head about this season, when "Glorious" by David Crowder came on the radio. Singing along to the song, God and I had a conversation that went something like this:

ME: "You make all things glorious, really God? How is this time in life at all glorious?"

"I make all things good for those who love Me and whom I have called for My purpose."

ME: "God, it doesn't feel glorious. Honestly, it feels rather rotten."

I am faithful in all my promises and loving toward all I have made.

ME: "I have to admit, I am leaning on You more now than ever and that is pretty glorious."

I am near to all who call on me in truth. I fulfill their desire, hear their cry and save them.

ME: Thank you God....for that is truly glorious...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

God, Open the Door

What happens...

when we begin to pray




believing it will be answered?

What happens...

when we live out what we believe,

walking in wisdom,

making the most of every opportunity?

What happens...

when God opens the door,

and His message is clear?

Please God, open the door...
that lives may be changed,

eternity impacted,

and above all,

You alone may be glorified.

Friday, August 20, 2010


You can feel it in the cooler morning air...

Hear it in the geese calling their good-byes as they soar overhead...

See it in the velvety darkness that greets an early-riser...

The anticipation of a new season, a turning-point in time, full of new adventures and the renewal of old friendships. Fall. It is almost here. Caleb asks me almost daily now, "Is it fall yet?" No, he is not super eager about all the fun that fall brings, he just knows fall is before winter and his birthday is in winter. Any day closer to his birthday is a good day in his book.

Next week, we anticipate starting a new adventure- Classical Conversations. I am excited about being with other homeschool moms, gaining from their wisdom and of course seeing Caleb grow as well. Still, if I am honest, I am a little anxious about it. New situations are not my favorite...there was a time in life when the idea of making new friends scared the beejeebers out of me. (It is a control issue. I like things that are familiar so I feel a little more in control. God has shown me over and over that He is the one in control and that my little beejeeber-ful self can get over it.) Still, I am thankful that I will know many of the moms at CC and that their smiling faces and sweet friendships will see me through the unfamiliar terrain.

As we start a new chapter with CC, I am ending a chapter in Community Bible Study. While we will be attending on Thursdays, this is the first year in 3 years that I will not be on the leadership team. There is a big part of me that misses it already and I know when I see the faces of the young men I taught last year, I will miss it even more.

In addition to the new things this fall, we are continuing to plug along with the old familiar. We are over half way through Sonlight P4/5. I am still enjoying it, but am feeling the need to expand a bit. I am anticipating we will finish it up Octoberish and will then transition to a Phonics/Math/Handwriting focus with read alouds throughout the day. I am also working on a calendar time inspired by a good friend of a good friend. Hopefully I will have pics of this soon...I know you will be waiting in anticipation!

What about you, dear readers and friends, what (besides my calendar pics) are you anticipating this fall?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Turkey Day Already?

"Mama, turkeys are surrounding my clubhouse."

"No way!" You are tricking me!"

"Mama, real turkeys are surrounding my clubhouse!"

A little early for Thanksgiving, but fun to see in the backyard any day...

(Forgive the humidity-fogged lens picture)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Astoundingly Beautiful

The number of butterflies in my backyard...

...and their simple beauty... astounding...

Not to mention this little guy, who visits us each year...

...we think it is a hummingbird...

...but we know that he and his butterfly friends are...

...astoundingly beautiful.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010





I think if we are honest, we all have days that can be described by these words. For me, last Friday was one of those days. Still, looking back now, it is hard to exactly pinpoint why. In the morning, we spent some time with some friends. In the afternoon, we rested and in the evening VBS beckoned. A fairly normal day, right?

Still, over and over again, I felt the barbs digging into my soul and heart.

"You aren't doing that right."

"You are a failure, you know."

"You can't fool them for long."

Lie after lie after lie worked its way into my thoughts and into my very soul. By the time I ran into a friend in the bathroom before VBS, I was well on my way to being a sniveling mess.

I don't know if it was her encouraging words, the prayers for the VBS workers or spending the next hour running around squirting preschoolers with a water bottle, by the end of the evening I was feeling much better. But by the time Sunday night rolled around, I could hear the lies creeping back in.

"You might as well give up."

"It's never going to change."

"Do what you want. Who cares what God wants?"

By the time I went to bed Sunday night, I was a sniveling mess. It simply got to the point I couldn't take it anymore and I shouted in my head,

"In the name of Jesus, SHUT UP! I will not listen or believe your lies."

and do you want to know the most wonderful, amazing, exciting thing?


The next thing I knew it was morning. I had slept well and the world looked like a much prettier place than I had experienced the last few days. Looking back now, I have come to see the lies for what they truly are...Satan's attempt to distract and dissuade me from God's work.

This weekend, I was exhausted and vulnerable and Satan took aim and fired....and fired...and fired. Charles Stanley has an acronym, H.A.L.T. that stands for Hungry, Angry, Lonely, is the four states of mind that you are most vulnerable in and the four states of mind you should never make decisions in. This weekend, I probably was 3 out of 4 of those, with a possible 4 out of 4 at times. Instead of listening to good old Chuck, and halting, I listened to the lies. I began to believe the lies and let them ripple and touch all aspects of my life.

I allowed the whispers of discouragement to become shouts of despair.

Did you notice that all the lies pulled the attention to myself? They were all about *me* and what *I* was doing. By listening to them, I was taking my focus off God and placing it on myself. In the end, it was only by returning my focus to its rightful place (God), that I was able to quiet the lies.

I really believe there is a big part of this world that we do not see and do not really understand. I believe there is a spiritual battle going on around me that I rarely am as aware of as I should be. I believe this weekend, I was in the midst of some heavy skirmishes...and it is only because of the grace of God, that I got out. It was only by diving into His arms, claiming His protection and turning my focus to Him that I was able to stop the lies.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Post in Which I Tell You I Will Not be Posting

We have a crazy busy week around here so I won't be posting much~ at least not until we come up for air early next week.

Of course I had to write a post to tell you that. Do you find it as funny as I do that I am writing a post about not posting?

Yeah, it is kind of like going to the dentist, but not seeing the dentist- which happened to me yesterday. I went in for my appointment asking if they were behind any. (David and I were balancing taking care of the boys and his lunch break, so I needed to get in and out.) "Oh no, we are not behind at all," I was assured. 5 minutes pass. 10 minutes pass. 20 minutes pass. I am beginning to doubt their assurances. 25 minutes pass. "Oh, we are so sorry. It will be just a couple more minutes." 35 minutes call for my name and my time was up. There was no way I could see the dentist before David needed to be back at work. So I told them I had to leave. They were apologetic, but I was quite frustrated overall. No one likes going to the dentist, even if you don't see the dentist.

What else do we have going this week that will keep me from posting, except for this post about not posting of course...

Consignment sale! I am trying out a new one near Charlotte. Check it out. Tot Trade Charlotte. I dropped stuff to sell today and I was almost drooling by the time I left. (They have a homeschool section!) I can only hope some of that stuff is still around when I get to shop.

Vacation Bible School! I am blessed to be a part of a unique and awesome VBS. I will be telling some stories to some cute preschoolers, blogging with some older kids and camping out with my boys. Lots of fun (and hopefully smores to be had!)

Well, that is enough of posting about not posting. Catch ya next week!
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