Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Forgive the quietness of the blog these days...We are in the midst of a whirlwind of life. 
Just returned from an awesome trip to northern Virginia where we spent sweet time
 with friends, old and new.  We did not get to see everyone we wanted to see, 
but that is just reason enough to be up that way in the future, right? 
Heading into our final week in our home.  The closing is set for 
a week from today.  CRAZY!  We are doing our best to pack up, 
clean out, sell and donate.  Who knew it would take so much 
work just to get rid of things?  We are still waiting/hoping 
for the stuff fairy to show up and say "I'll take that and that 
and that and that."  Preparing for our time as nomads.  
We will spend the three weeks between our closing 
and training divided between Roanoke and the 
Lexington area.  Packing, planning and seeking 
opportunities for us to share during that time. 
VBS is this week and we are joyfully serving 
for what will probably be the last time in a 
while. Cherishing the time with the 
kiddos, no matter how tired it 
makes us!And then there
 is just the normal parts 
of life like parenting, 
dishwashing, laundry 
doing and baths.
Life is a whirlwind, 
but it is worth it...
and the crazier it 
gets, the more 
we cling to that 
which no 
can ever 
our Rock and our Solid Foundation.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So how does Bible translation work again?  
What is the big deal about getting the Bible in a heart language?  
What practical impact does translation work have on a community?
How can my support of your ministry impact eternity?

Great questions!  
Take a moment to watch this video 
and hopefully some of your questions might be answered.  

Have other questions?  Ask in the comment section and 
we will try to get you an answer.

The Road to Transformation from Wycliffe USA on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Storyteller

"Did I ever tell you about...?" And the storyteller begins.  Sometimes he would tell a story of war, sometimes love, sometimes attacking beavers or being chased by a snake all the way home.  Most often it was stories, laced with laughter, detailing hard working individuals, living ordinary lives all around the mountain he called home.

We would sit, gathered around the storyteller's old recliner, listening, sometimes asking questions, learning about the life he remembered and people he held dear.  The boys would play with the few toys around, including an unforgetable singing snowman.

"And then there was the time..." And a new story would begin as the storyteller recalled another important time or person or simply another joke to bring laughter to those he loved.

This weekend we celebrated the life of this storyteller, David's grandfather. "Papa Pat," as we affectionately called him, passed away last week at 94 years old.  The time we spent in Virginia this weekend was full of mixed emotions.  We, who are left behind, are sad and will miss him...and all his stories.  But his body was tired and instead of stories, pain had begun to fill his days.  We rejoice that just a few years ago, Papa Pat confessed his need of a Savior and believing in the truth of Jesus, Papa Pat was baptized.

Caleb's first visit with Papa Pat
As we sat around later in the evening sharing stories with some of David's family, we can rest assured that Papa Pat's storytelling ways will go on.  The stories go on through his daughters and their beautiful families.  His stories go on through Caleb and Nathan, who never hesitate to tell a story or ask, "Can I tell you something?"  The storytelling days are far from over.

And for a moment, we can imagine a glimpse Papa Pat now, sitting at the feet of Jesus, the master storyteller.  We see Papa Pat listening, sometimes asking a question, learning about the life Jesus lived and the people He holds dear.  I can almost hear Jesus say, "Did I ever tell you about...?"

And this, my friends, this is when the story really begins.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Hard Choices in the Journey

One of Four
Four storage lockers made their way into our home and hearts today. Four 23.5 gallon boxes which we hope to fill with most of what we need in Mozambique. 

Clothes, toys, books, tools, and household goods.  All in four boxes slightly larger than the average kitchen trash can.  Seriously.

Friends, this is hard.  Harder than I ever thought or imagined.  In some ways God has prepared us for this, breaking many of the ties our hearts have on physical stuff... but we never realized how many more ties existed. 

Not only is it hard to let go of stuff, but it is hard to go through the process. What do we take? What do we store?  How do we get rid of what we no longer need?  Does anybody need or even want what we have? 

Who needs to take clothes when you can take books?

As decisions become harder and harder to make, we often find ourselves just pushing them off.  

Huge emotions are always there, simmering below the surface, as we look around and think about the monumental task we have of liquidating our household. 

I have no doubt it is worth it.  Jesus is worth it.  But given the choice, I might just fast forward the next few weeks till we are out of our house. 

But a wise friend spoke truth to me recently, reminding me that the journey is often just as important as the destination. 

Truly, it is in the journey that God makes us who we need to be when we reach our destination. 

Today our journey is full of hard choices, but these choices will prepare us for and bring us ever closer to God's destination for us.

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