Friday, September 28, 2012

Seeing All He Has Done

** God has provided 1% more since this went out earlier this week.  Continue to pray that He will call up our team of partners in His perfect time!**

→ God has blessed us with partners to meet 83% of our monthly budget needs! (Our departure date is dependent on meeting full financial partnership.)
→ Contact has been made with the language school in Brazil.
→ We have begun to try to get a jump start on the visa process, but cannot begin officially until plane tickets are purchased.

Beloved Friends,

Recently as we prepared to share with a group, we opened up the page which lists the things that we need to complete before we are able to go to Mozambique.  As we went through the list, we quickly became overwhelmed at the faithfulness of God.  He has finished almost every task listed!

→ Sell our house.  God did that.  In a market that is bleak for sales, God brought us two different offers within weeks of our listing.  He worked out details that a godly family whom we know and love were the ones who finally purchased our home.

→ Sell our car. God did that.  He quickly sold our smaller car to someone who truly needed it and has told us what a blessing it is to her.  Although we are still using our larger car in our travels, He has brought several offers for the day when we are finally done with it.

→ Cut down our household items, clothes, books, etc.  God did that.  After several sales and donations, our household is down to several suitcases and foot lockers.  Through all of this, we saw God’s grace as the boys gave up so much of their stuff with little fight or fuss.

→Provision when David finished his paying job.  God did that.  David ended his previous employment in early May.  Since then, we have continually had a roof over our head and have never gone hungry.

→ Have sufficient funds to cover one-time expenses such as airfare and visa costs.  God did that.  We have had numerous people and groups give generously of their resources and prayers.  We have reached the costs that have been included in our launching expenses as well as a large portion of some that were not included (like a car in Mozambique).
→ Complete our cross-cultural training.  God did that.  We had an amazing

time of growth and spiritual renewal while we attended our ICC training at the JAARS center in Waxhaw, NC this summer.  God used our class and the stories of friends to remind us that He alone is paramount in this process.  He is to be our sole focus and desire.

→ Receive necessary immunizations. God did that.  He found us a place to have the shots done, gave each of us strength to endure and kept us all healthy through it all.

→ Begin the visa process and registering for language school.  God is doing this.  We saw Him answer the prayer of opening up communications with the language school the very day we asked for Him to work in the situation.  Although we cannot officially apply for visas until after we reach 100% of our monthly funding, God is going before us and preparing the way for the process to be complete.

As we look back over the last year, God has time and time again richly supplied all of our needs.  He has loved us personally, specifically answering our prayers on many occasions.  Although some of those times the specific answer was “no,” and sometimes the answer was “wait,” we have sought to continually trust and rest in His sovereign plan and perfect timing.

The list of tasks that need to be completed before we are able to prepare to leave for language school in Brazil has shrunk down to just one:

→ Raise up a team of partners who will intercede through prayer and cover monthly financial needs.

Friends, we are excited to share with you that God is doing that!  In the past two months we have seen our support go from
57% to 83%. We have to say that again, 83%!! We cannot help but praise God who has added 15 new families as recurring financial partners and 20 new families as intercessors.   We are so blown away that He is finishing the task! We cannot wait to see how He provides the remaining needs.

Please continue to pray over how God would use you and your family to impact eternity by bringing His word to the people of Mozambique.   If God is calling you to be a recurring partner, you can visit

Over the past month our prayer has been that God would use this process to increase our faith and the faith of those who are watching our story unfold.  To that end, we will be increasing the frequency of our communications through email over the next few weeks.  We are excited to share all that God is

For His glory,

David and Wendi

“However, I consider my life worth nothing to me; my only aim is to finish the race and complete the task the Lord Jesus has given me—the task of testifying to the good news of God’s grace.” Acts 20:24

Join us in praising

God for:

Answered prayers!  God has done so much for our family in the past year.  We praise Him continually for His provision, guidance, and unending love.

The boys continue to handle travel and transition well!  Thank you for all that have asked. They have truly enjoyed our time staying with various friends and are doing great.

Communication with our language school!  We have begun the process of registering and looking for an apartment in Brazil with the hopes we will be there soon.  

Join us in praying for:
Complete financial partnership in God's perfect timing.

Opportunities to share to open up and for hearts to respond to our ministry.

Us to rest and trust in the sovereignty of God.

Blank pages of Bibles all around the world to be filled.

What's Next for Us
October 14
Westminster Presbyterian Church of America, Roanoke, VA

We are currently seeking opportunities to share as God continues to complete our team.

Would you like to see your group added to this list?   Let's set something up! 
Email us today!  

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