Friday, February 21, 2014

The Spiritual Gift of Jenga?

What does using your gifts and talents to serve others have to do with Jenga? 

This past Saturday we spent some time with the youth from our church learning the answer to this question (well, not exactly this question) as well as some important other ones...

Like Jenga, the church (and society as a whole) are made up of many different pieces.  God has created each of us as with unique talents, gifts and life circumstances to do the good works which He prepared for us to do before there was even time.  When we don't use our gifts as God intended, we leave large holes in the church...and as you know with Jenga, that creates all kinds of wobbly weakness.

The youth had never played Jenga before and had a great time once they caught on to the premise.  We had a couple of comments from neighbors (and the Pastor of the church who happened to be walking by) that the laughter was so loud at points, there was no doubt that we were having a great time.  The youth listened intently to the lesson and seemed to be able to think through some of the talents they had and how these talents can be used by God.  (Even the talent of eating!) 

Working with the youth (and teaching in Portuguese) is so far out of our comfort zone (lingually/culturally/totally) that we have no doubt that the success of the day was all God's doing.  We thank you for your prayers as we prepared and as we continue to teach them weekly in Sunday School.  We already have a plan for another Saturday of fun with some of the girls learning how to bake cakes and hope to do a Saturday with the guys playing futebol (soccer).  We look forward to growing friendships with them and seeing how each of them grows in the Lord and uses their unique talents to strengthen the Body of Christ and Mozambique!

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Breath deep.
Step Beyond.

Beyond comfort and ease that dulls the senses and calms the mind.
Beyond the well-known, well-worn path that you walk with your eyes closed and your heart numb.

Step Beyond.
Beyond your own strength, your own so-called power.
Beyond your limitations, your excuses, your doubts.
Beyond your fear.

Step Beyond.
To the place where you will fail.
You will make mistakes, you will most likely offend and you will undoubtedly be hurt.
Beyond to the place where you will learn more than you ever imagined.

Step beyond.
To the place of unknown risks and unknown rewards.
To the place where you will risk rejection, love deeply and maybe for the first time truly live.

Step Beyond.
To the place where self-weakness is overwhelmed by God’s power.
To the place where His presence alone brings success.
To the place of singular, soul-deep satisfaction.

Breath deep.
Step Beyond.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


As many of you might know, we have entered the old adventure of homeschooling again.  After lots of prayers, we made the difficult decision to bring Caleb home at the beginning of the term. (Nathan will finish out his year at the school, but will join in the homeschool fun next school year.)  While we are still settling into a new rhythm, in many ways it is like settling back into the normal for our family. 

One of our hesitations in homeschooling here was our concerns/doubt of there being a homeschool community in Nampula.  In our short time homeschooling in the US, we learned that community makes such a difference and weren't quite sure what that looked like in our new town. 

Well, the God of the Universe, who also know our names and intimately all that we need, answered our doubts/concerns in an awesome way!  There is a small, loving homeschool community here.  We had the joy of joining them recently on a field trip to a beautiful area outside of the city called Montes Nairuco. 

This private park-like area has a beautiful lake surrounding by inselburgs.  The boys had a blast exploring, learning about leaf classification (it was still school, you know) and just being with their friends out in nature. 

As we settle into this new/old routine of homeschooling, we are thankful that God has already provided friends to walk with through the journey and look forward to many, many new adventures with them along the way.

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