Friday, April 18, 2014

Seasons (April Newsletter)

  • Baptisms
  • Bibles
  • And more! (trust us, you'll want to read to the end on this one.

Dear Friends and Family,

How quick have the seasons past since we last wrote!  We were celebrating the birth of our Savior and now we are in the season of remembrance of His death and resurrection.  Rainy season here in Mozambique was just beginning and now it is slowly coming to an end.  When we last wrote, our family was moving through a season of enjoying many new experiences and are now moving through a season where  some of the newness has worn off and the (sometimes difficult) adjustments to living in a new culture are a daily reality.

We are honored and thankful that regardless of what the seasons have held, you have walked through them with us.  Your prayers, notes, packages and emails have brought such joy to our lives and we truly see God working and moving through you.  Thank you for consistently being used by Him to further His kingdom here in Mozambique!

Some highlights from the past few months:

David was able to take our new (to us) car on a 2000 mile journey to South Africa for maintenance and some repairs.  It was a long trip, but the car did great and he really enjoyed seeing more of Mozambique along the way.

The Koti language Bible went through its final consultation check on the Book of John.  Consultation checks are one of the final seasons that a Bible translation will go through before it is typeset and printed.  The Koti project has been on-going for ten years now and is one of the projects David has visited to help with technology issues. (You can see in this picture of the consultation check that technology is a big part of the translation effort.) 

This majority-Muslim people group lives on the coast of Mozambique.  (You can see pictures of the ride to Angoche, where the Koti live, on the blog.)  The Koti church has been growing significantly in the past few years and they are very ready to have God’s word in their own language.  One of the exciting things about the Koti church is that it is already sending out its own missionaries to other coastal, majority-Muslim groups within Mozambique.  We rejoice that the Koti project is nearing completion and cannot wait to see how God uses it to bring glory to His name!

The boys continue to thrive in their schooling.  Caleb has made some great progress as he has studied at home and Nathan loves his preschool class.  He is begging to learn to read and hopefully we will get to that soon.

Nine people were baptized recently at the church we have been attending and many of them are a part of the youth group we have been teaching there!  We were excited to share in this day and to hear each one of them testify how Jesus has radically transformed their lives.  We are humbled to be used by God to be a small part of discipling and growing with these precious individuals.

In the next few months, we are looking forward to entering into a new season of life as a family of five.  Wendi is expecting and due in the fall.  We are all very excited, a little nervous and tremendously blessed by this!  Caleb is thrilled at the idea of being the oldest of three, while Nathan is a little more hesitant about giving up his role of youngest.  We would love your prayers as this new season brings with it all kinds of excitement and decisions for our family.

Thank you a million times over for your financial partnership and prayers for our family.  Thank you for kind words of encouragement and all the ways you love us so well.  Thank you for being the hand and feet of God to our family and to the people of Mozambique.  Thank you for being a constant even as seasons change.  Please let us know how we can be praying for your family in the season you are currently in.  We love you and pray tremendous blessings of our mighty God upon you and your family!

In His hands,
David, Wendi, Caleb and Nathan

Join us in praising God for:
*Safe travel for David to and from South Africa.
*A return to health after a month of illness.
*Friendships that continue to develop and grow.
*The boys doings so well in their schooling. 
*The many Bible translation projects that are moving toward completion.
*The 9 believers who took the step of Baptism.
*New seasons and new life.
*His provision, grace, mercy and unfailing love.

Join us in praying for:
*David's travels to Nairobi April 7-19.  For the boys and Wendi who will stay in Nampula.
*Health.  We have had a month of illness that seems to be coming to an end and would like to continue in good health.
*Wisdom in many important decisions.
*For peace and stability in Mozambique.
*The new life developing in Wendi and our adjustments to being a family of five.


Friday, April 4, 2014

Down Into the Waters

This past week we were blessed to witness the baptism of nine individuals in our Mozambican church.  (It was especially touching since seven of those baptized are a part of the youth group we have been teaching on Sundays.)

The joy expressed in their testimonies of how God had personally transformed their lives was expressed more than once through glad tears. 

The congregation was eager to be a part of this special time, singing cheering and clapping as each person arose from the waters, newly washed and identified with Christ.  (As you can see in the picture below, the children were so excited, I really thought one of them might topple in and end up swimming as well!)

While the church we attend is small and without windows and part of the roof, it is a wonderful part of God's community seeking after His heart here in Nampula.  We are humbled to be able to worship with these precious brothers and sisters each week.  We look forward to seeing how God continues to work in the lives of those who went down into the water in His name this week!


Unfortunately, while you can't hear this gentleman's testimony (even if you could, its in Portuguese, so most of you would understand anyway), in watching this video, I think you might be able to hear, see and understand the joy shared by all as we celebrated his decision to be baptized and to commit his life to walking with his Savior.

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