Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Warm, humid air surrounds and caresses, easing tension and weariness.

The sound of waves breaking upon the shore competes with the whisper of the constant wind through the tall palm trees.

Deep breaths fill your lungs with the tangy air as a quick swipe of the tongue across the lips reveals the saltiness that causes the tang. 

Vivid blues, deep greens and brilliant whites spring alive before your eyes. 

And in the beauty of it all...as each of your senses reawakens...as your very soul becomes refreshed...the depth of your heart cries, rejoicing with the One who spoke and it was.
This past weekend we had the wonderful treat of getting away with friends to a beach that is about 3 hours away from Nampula.

Chocas is a fairly undeveloped, beautiful beach that lies on the Indian Ocean.  The beach is made of pristine white sand and  was empty for most of our time there. 

I have never seen an ocean transform and change through so many brilliant colors before- blue, green, gray, silver, aquamarine...God's palette for the Indian Ocean is seemingly unending.

The house we stayed in was very comfortable...not that we spent much time indoors.  It was equipped with a small fridge, but the cooking has to be done outdoors over charcoal fire.  Huge windows let in the cool breeze and the hammocks on the front porch provided a relaxing seat with a beautiful view of the ocean through a grove of palms and sea pines.

The boys both agreed that the playing in the ocean was their favorite part or as Caleb put it, "I LOVED getting pounded by the waves."   While the seas were actually quite calm, the waves were fun for all.

 This trip was really our first get away as a family since our arrival in Mozambique nine months ago (wow, has it really been that long?).  It was a much needed break from the normal routine and really did refresh and restore each of us in a way.  We are were thankful for the opportunity to rest and to make memories as a family.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


It has been really quiet around the blog the last couple of months.   A combination of first trimester sickness, several different stomach bugs, daddy travels and normal life left little energy to write or share.  If we did share, it might have looked something like this:

Post 1- Tired.

Post 2- Sick.

Post 3- Tired and Sick.

Post 4- Sick and Tired.

Post 5- More of the same.

Post 6- Sick and Tired of being Sick and Tired.

Exciting, right? Seriously, a rough couple of months and it seems like we are just now resurfacing.  The illnesses seemed to have passed and the second trimester has brought with it a slight increase in energy.   Here is to hoping (and praying!) that this trend continues and that the next few weeks will find us staying at the surface of life and a little more vocal on the blog.   
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