Sunday, July 6, 2014

Transitions: June Newsletter

Dearest friends and family,

If you have followed our family through much of this journey over the last few years, you would quickly notice the theme of transition is one that has come up repeatedly.  As you have walked along with us, we have experienced transitions in employment, homes, countries and cultures.  Repeatedly, we have seen the faithfulness of the unchanging God in the midst of great changes.  Often we have seen His rock steady, loving kindness expressed through many of you and for that we are forever thankful!  

It would seem that this theme of transition is not one that we are done with yet.  Personally for our family, we are in a great period of transition as we prepare for the arrival of Baby Richards toward the end of October.  Wendi is doing much better health-wise as the pregnancy progresses.  Her energy (and the ability to eat) has returned for the most part (the ability to eat a great deal).  The boys are truly excited about the prospect of baby and eagerly await the new addition.  Please be praying for us as we finalize decisions/plans about where we will travel to have baby.  The health care system here in Mozambique is not incredibly strong and it is advisable for us to have the baby out of country. 
In addition to the transitions personally occurring in our family, there is also great transition in the work of Bible translation in Mozambique.   

This year we rejoice as three New Testaments will be dedicated and the Makonde, Sena and Kimwani people groups will receive God’s word in their own heart language.   The Takwane New Testament will also be completed this month and now moves on to preparation for publication.  As these groups receive their New Testament, the translation projects will be phased out or moved under management other than SIL/Wycliffe.  Join us in expectantly praying that as each of these groups receives God’s word, lives will be transformed by the power of His grace and presence.   Thank you for being a part of bringing the Word into the heart languages of Mozambique!

The other ongoing projects within Mozambique are currently being transitioned into what is called the Southern Africa service group.  This group will be responsible for supporting Bible translation projects not only in Mozambique, but in many different southern African countries.   (This transition to cover southern Africa has been a long process and is not expected to be completed in the near future.)  

As a result of these multiple transitions with projects reaching completion and movement toward supporting Southern Africa, there is also an ongoing transition in regards to the possible sale of the SIL Center and property on which we live in Nampula.   Needless to say, all of these transitions have had and continue to have an impact on our positions as support staff.  As things continue to change here, please be in prayer about the future of our positions here in Mozambique.   Although at times the future seems unclear, we know the One who firmly holds the future in His hands…and it is never unclear for Him!

Again we thank you for walking with us through this journey!  We are honored by your faithful financial partnership, prayers, encouraging emails and packages.  Not only are you making an eternal difference by bringing God’s word to the heart languages of Mozambique, you are making an eternal difference by showing God’s love to our family.  Please do not hesitate to let us know how we can be praying for you and your family!

With His Love,
David, Wendi, Caleb and Nathan Richards

Join us in praising God for:

  • God's word getting into four new languages!
  • Good health for Wendi and baby (David and boys too).
  • The safe arrival of several packages and the goodies inside.
  • The ability for Caleb to have some educational testing and the resulting suggestions and tools.
  • His provision, grace, mercy and unfailing love.

Join us in praying for:

  • The new life developing in Wendi and our adjustments to being a family of five.
  • Wisdom, clarity and patience as we face the many transitions ahead.
  • For peace and stability in Mozambique especially as the election season is approaching.
  • Blank Bibles to be filled throughout the world.
  • The story of a family serving the Bibleless of Mozambique using information technology & communications.

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