Thursday, October 30, 2014

For Such a Time

Welcome to the world Esther Mae...

We have eagerly awaited your arrival and now rejoice that we can hold you in our arms.

Your arrival is part of a unique season for our family.  A season of transition, searching and seeking.  A season of waiting, hoping and trusting.  A season of faith, restoration and once again stepping out into an unknown.

Yet, it is no accident that you were born in this season and for that reason our hearts settled on your name.  

It was said of an earlier Esther, your namesake in scripture, that her presence was for "just such a time as this."  We believe that this can be said of your presence in our lives as well. 

A friend in your mommy's Bible study prayed this over you right before we left Mozambique, before we even knew your name.  Our hearts have carried the truth behind this prayer since.  You are a wonderful gift from God, given in His perfect way, in His perfect timing. 

It is said of an earlier Mae, your mommy's great-grandmother, that her presence was of  a calming, joyful faith.  She was one of the first godly examples in your mommy's life and her prayers and love undoubtedly live on through you. 

Welcome to the world Esther Mae...

You who are already adored by your brothers and your parents; You who have been prayed for by countless people; You who were born for such a time as this. May you step forward with bold faith and confidence in God's provision, power and love just as your namesakes did so long ago.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014


One of the small joys the boys have had since returning to the State is watching one of their favorite shows on TV, “This Old House.”  For those of you unfamiliar with the show, it is basically a group of expert builders who get together and remodel an older house from top to bottom.  The boys truly enjoy watching the construction from beginning to end (We as parents are also thankful for this during times in which we need to focus elsewhere. Hey, it’s educational, right?)

During one of the episodes they watched recently, I noticed the show was doing an inspection of the foundation of the house which was about to be remodeled.  This particular house was built in New England in the 1800’s and rested on a foundation of a collection of rocks tightly stacked together.  The host noticed that the foundation had settled in several places as rocks had worn down, shifted, or even fallen out.  He also pointed out that many of the walls bore the brunt of this settling, with cracks running up from the “settled” areas.  

As we now are moving into the end of our first month during our time here in the US, this picture of a house settling continues to speak to my heart.  For you see, that is what we are doing, we too are settling.  Our “normal” foundation has shifted, is a bit worn down and is even missing some important pieces.  

Currently, we are getting settled into a home of friends in Thomasville, NC.  We will be here through the birth of baby and on until mid-December.  We are truly blessed by their generosity and have enjoyed spending time with them and others in the area.  (As we continue to get settled, we hope to see many more of you, sharing with you the things God has taught us since we saw you last.) 

In some ways, our attitudes, the “walls” of our family, have begun to show the impact of this settling.  As we settle into a new routine, a new normal and our temporary home, quick tempers, impatience and harsh words have to be guarded against lest the cracks in the walls create permanent damage.  Instead, we hope to settle into a pattern of kindness, patience and joy during our times together.

Even the construction novice that I am knows that building up on a settled foundation is not easy.  Yet, I also know that our foundation is strong because it is built upon the ultimate rock, Jesus Christ.  He is using your friendship, prayers and encouragement, along with the truth of His Word, to strengthen and reinforce the parts of our foundation that need it most.  He is the true master builder, gently correcting our cracks and missing pieces, creating His masterpiece in His perfect timing.
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