Friday, January 16, 2015

Tanzania, Here we Come!

Dear Friends and Family,
Today, Friday, January 16, we leave for Tanzania.  We will travel from Roanoke to Atlanta to Amsterdam to Dar es Salaam.  We should arrive there late Saturday after about 24 hours of travel.

If you happen to think of us, please continue to pray for:
- safe, uneventful travel(especially for Esther to be calm with all the changes)
- the complete arrival of our bags
- easy transition to the 8 hour time change
- our hearts as we say good-bye once again

Thank you so much for being a part of this journey.  You all have loved us so well and we are thankful for your encouragement, faithful partnership and abundant prayers!

With Love,
David, Wendi, Caleb, Nathan and Esther

Friday, January 9, 2015


Burnished orange leaves dancing in the breeze.  

Bare branches reaching upward toward the crystal blue sky.

Timid, pale green buds barely visable, but ready to explode when given the chance.

Dusty, dry ground hungrily drinking up fat drops of rain as insects of many shapes and colors seem to come alive again after a long sleep.

Tiny fingers, covered in slimy drool as her mouth explores her newest discovery.

Seasons.  Spans of time marked by a certain characteristic.  I see them all around.  I feel their tug.  Cycles of change and rhythms of time dancing forward.  Sometimes, I get lost in the melody, dreamily forgetting this time too will change.  Other times, I rush forward, eager to speed through to the next.

This coming week, we enter into a new season in the story of our family- the season of Tanzania, orientation, language school; the season of a three month old, nine year old and six year old; the season of a new culture, new language and new experiences.

I am reminded as we enter this season, that every season has its purpose and perfect timing. A very wise man once wrote, “for everything,there is a season...”  For there to be brilliant blooms in May, the bulb must rest in the coldness of January.  For there to be nimble fingers expertly placing together Legos, there must be slobbery hands explored and learned.  For there to be successful, long-term service, there must be orientation and language school.  For everything, there is a season.

In this season, in every season, instead of rushing, may I wait; instead of wishing away impatiently, may I cherish; instead of forgetting this too shall end, may I seek and pray for God’s purpose to be fulfilled in this very season.  For everything, there is a season and may I get everything intended for this season.

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