Saturday, May 30, 2015


Home.  Such a small word,wrapped with such large meaning and emotions.  For us the concept of home has changed quite a bit over the last three years.  Home is no longer one specific place, but a group places that each holds a part of our memories and of course our hearts.

Home is a house in Thomasville with memories of a lively dog running around the back yard.  Home is a small apartment in Brazil.  Home is a variety of warm, welcoming places that hosted us for various lengths of time while in the US.  Home is a small concrete house under the cashew trees in Mozambique.  Home, as we often joke, is where ever the stuffies are.

And now home is a concrete house with an awesome yard in Mbeya, Tanzania.  A home with the promises of memories to be made and lives to be changed.  A home where perhaps a little girl will take her first step.  A place with trees to be climbed, holes to be dug and things to be built.  
The front door

So welcome to our newest home. 

Just part of the back yard
The first thing that drew us to choose the house was the yard.  While we were here in March, we looked at this house and a few others.  There were a handful of newer construction houses, but none had a yard that compared to this house. 

 The yard has more than enough space to play, have a vegetable garden and much, much more.  We do not have a lawn mower and the ones we have found our quite expensive.  There is some talk of possibly getting a goat to help out...which the boys are super excited about.

Banana and guava trees

The yard is full of beautiful plants. We have two huge avocado trees, a guava tree, banana trees, peach trees.  The remnants of the garden from the last tenant include several pumpkins and other leafy vegetables.

The living room

We hope to plant strawberries and other veggies at some point.  Not having a green thumb myself, I am a little intimidated.  Hopefully the yard will continue to look this good!

The play room

The inside of the house is quite spacious as well.  The boys share a room, Esther has her own space (finally) and there is still room for a play room and a home school room.  We are truly blessed with all the space and hope we can use it well. 

Caleb and Nathan's Room

The biggest struggle right now with the house is the lack of furniture.  As you might imagine there really is not a Furnitureland South (ya'll Thomasville people know what I mean) down the street.  We bought some furniture and appliances from the people who lived here before us.  This was a great help for us to be able to settle into the house quickly upon our arrival to Mbeya
Master bedroom

Since arriving, we have had a carpenter make us some beds for the children.  We have one more which should be done this week.  Hopefully a couch, desks, shelves and curtains will be coming soon enough.

Esther's Room

The kids are all adjusting well to being here so far.  Esther has settle into a good routine and is only up once or twice a night now.  Her weight gain has also improved quite a bit.  She has gained 1/2 pound a week for the past 6 weeks!

Homeschool room to be

We have started school again with the boys and they are enjoying it so far.  Most of their spare time has been spent exploring all the toys that been packed for the past six months and playing outside. (Lego sets and goats pens have already begun to be built.)

Dining room

In addition to the space I already mentioned the house also has a guest quarters attached to it. Two bedrooms, a small living room, a bathroom and a small kitchen await your arrival...well it awaits your arrival and furniture. 

I hope you have enjoyed this quick tour of our newest home.  We continue to pray that it would be a place used for God's glory.  May His love shine through it and may many wonderful memories plus much laughter fill it for however long we call it home.

The beautiful view from our back yard

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