Friday, June 19, 2015

Our God Comes

Our God comes.

He comes to the small child lying in bed, tears dripping down her face as her stomach growls in hunger.  Her tears are not for the meals missed. Hunger is no stranger to her.  Her tears are from a soul hungry for the love only a family can give.

Our God comes.

He comes to a community grieving an inexplicable crime.  He comes even as lives are torn apart as they offer up prayers in the presence of their enemy.

Our God comes.

He comes to the family waiting desperately for the phone to ring.  The tests are done and now they wait for confirmation of their worst nightmare.

Our God comes.

To the table with an extra empty chair.  To the marriage filled with silence and pain.  To the family welcoming home a newborn.  To the graduate who wonders what is next.  To the mom struggling with the question of good enough.

Our God comes.

Where ever you may be today, what ever situation you are facing.

Our God comes.

In our highest joys. In our deepest sorrow.  In our worries and our fears.  In our questions and doubts.  

He may not answer, but

Our God comes. 

He comes.  He meets us right where we are at, in the mess of life, in the very realness of  our need. 

Our God has come.
Our God comes.
Our God will come again.

Our God comes;
He does not keep silence;
before Him is a devouring fire,
around time a mighty tempest.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Most Days

Most days I do not feel like a missionary, a Kingdom worker or a world changer.

Most days I feel like a referee, a chef/dishwasher combo, and a wrangler of young minds and imaginations.

In other words, most days I feel like a mom.  
I just happen to be a mom who lives in a different land and culture than she is accustomed.

Most days I am a mom who wrestles with the same questions and struggles as any other mom…I just do not have Walmart or Lowes for easy shopping and I definitely do not have Chick Fil A for a much needed respite at times.

Most days, it is easy to forget that my closest mission field is the one I wake up to, the one I read with, snuggle tight and tuck into bed at night.

Then there are days when I read something like this or this, both items for which we have prayed for as a family often over the past year.  I then read it to my boys and watch their eyes grow big and their faith grow strong.

“We prayed for that!” they sing as they begin to dance around in joy.  I see roots of faith stretch deep into hearts prepared by prayer.  “We need to keep praying!” they say solemnly as they realize that their prayers have impact and they themselves are missionaries, Kingdom workers and world changers.

And it turns out although I might not feel like it, most days I am one too. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

Photo Shoot

There was a time...

...when the boys were little...

...when I would get out the camera...


...and capture the cuteness.

 Well, the third kid arrived...

...and the camera came out...

...because this cuteness couldn't be ignored.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

New Memories

Just recently we had the opportunity to go exploring 
with some of our new friends and colleagues.

After a steep climb through a beautiful, dense tropical forest... 

Passing huge banana trees...

And other magnificent trees, heavy laden with vines...

Reaching for a touch of the sun...

Above the lush vegetation that surrounded them...

A climb on which each of the dads was wearing a child...

And although it found us climbing vertically at times...

A climb on which the boys ran ahead...

With a boundless energy, inspired by the untouched beauty...

Through which we trekked.

We were greeted with this spectacular view.

Ngozi Crater Lake

Filling the opening of a long dead volcano...

These steep walls and extremely deep lagoon...

Make up the second largest crater lake in Africa.

A difficult hike, a stunning view, a great time with new friends.

All in all, a wonderful memory to start out our time in Mbeya.


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