Tuesday, July 28, 2015


There are those times and places

when your soul 

and God's creation meet

and in that moment rest becomes



 This past week, we were blessed with such a time at our branch retreat in Dar es Salaam.  

A beautiful view.
Fun in the water.
Good food. (Grapes!!)
Great friends.
Wonderful Biblical teaching.
A fun VBS program for the kids.

And in that moment,
rest became

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sounds of Life

Birds sing loudly to each other, darting from tree to tree.  Some familiar songs, others bring new melodies to the ear.

A rooster crows loudly and is joined in greeting the morning (noon or night) by another rooster. Two more roosters join in, not to be outdone by their cohorts.

Thumping bass and indistinguishable words from the nearby restaurant act as a backdrop to nature’s songs.  

Loud drums keep a steady beat over the shouts of the children gathering for the day at the neighboring school.

Rhythmic hammering, sawing and booms speak of hope and new beginnings from nearby construction projects.

The persistent lowing of what sounds like a very angry cow.

Bleating from a lonely goat that sounds very much like a child crying, “Heeellllpppp.”

A gentle breeze bending and flexing the tin roofing panels that top our home.

Church bells pealing, calling for the faithful to come and see, to come and worship once more.

Melodic chanting and singing, calling from other worship centers, reminding their followers work through prayer is once more required.

Two little boys’ pounding feet, voices calling, sometimes in joy and excitement, sometimes in frustration and anger.

One small girl’s giggles, cries and vocal explorations…mamama, daadada, aaahhhaha.

Such are the sounds of life, the background music of our days.
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