Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Around this Table

I have come to realize recently, around this table is where I do the majority of my ministry.

Over open school books, pencil cases and heads bent in concentration.

Over a cup of tea or a meal shared with new friends.

Over conversations, questions, hearts explored and lives shared.

This is where I sit, stand and sometimes even sing. This is where I share the grace of the One who loves faithfully, gives unselfishly and grows me endlessly.

As I gaze at the picture, I cringe at the mess. Do you know how hard it is to take a beautiful or artsy picture of a messy table?

But in that truth lies an even deeper truth…

Where I minister is not glamorous. It is not flashy or exciting. I can not write of hundreds coming to know the Lord or fabulous miracles experienced around this table.

I can write of a daily desire to share, to serve, to seek together the One who simply knowing Him is a miracle in itself. I can write of lives loved, hearts encouraged, and many, many dirty dishes.

Around this table, I see the beauty of Him who left perfection and entered into my mess. 

Around this table, I see the beauty of lives transformed, not in a huge moment, but in the daily grind of hugs given, tears dried, and math problems conquered.  

Around this table, I see the beauty of the mundane becoming sacred as the bread of fellowship is shared and friendships are formed.

In this mess, around this table, by the grace of God, this is where I will minister.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Newest Addition

Meet Dubu...

Dubu, which means bear in Swahili, became a part of our family this past month. 
It is our hope that Dubu will grow up big and strong like her German Shepard father since she is supposed to be a guard dog.  

As you can see she is already taking her job very seriously...

Searching and removing potentially dangerous objects like bones, broken avocados and Wendi's lemongrass plants which she loves to dig up and eat gnaw on the roots.  (Lemongrass might just get the other nasty tastes out of her mouth?)

Wrestling down these specious acting characters.  

The boys and Esther have really enjoyed playing with her.  She has a great personality with the kids...putting up with their mischief quite well, while adding a bit of her own of course...

Never one to lay down on the job (well, maybe sometimes), Dubu has been a joyful new addition to the family.  We look forward to many more years and adventures to come.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Up at 6:30 am (or 6:00 or 5:30) with the squawks of little girl.

A prayer, a moment in His word. Barely enough of Him to get me through the day.

The whirlwind of breakfast, everyone dressed, Da out the door.

School starts. Bible, Math, and the like. Hard work, attitude adjustments as needed. (Theirs and mine.)

2 pm arrives, school is done, little girl is napping, I am wiped and I just want to sit.

Sit...and maybe read to escape a bit.

45 minutes, an hour max, and so much calls for my attention.

There is work to be done…dinner to be started, blogs to be written, dogs to be trained...and I really should look for another filling of His Word.

But, again, all I want to do is sit.

To sit, in itself not a bad thing. 

Yet, I sit and mistakenly turn once again to my phone, sucked in to the virtual world of Facebook and Twitter for way too long. The little girl squawks again and I find myself having done nothing, rising again as empty as I was when I first sat down.

Or I sit, resting in His presence. To regroup. To restore. To be restored. To be filled.  The little girl squawks and I find myself refreshed a bit, ready to end my day strong.

The choice is mine to be made.

45 minutes and the clock is ticking.

Think I will go now and sit.
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