Thursday, October 22, 2015

Sweet One

Over the past weekend, we celebrated this sweet girl's first birthday

Lots of moms talk about how quick that first year goes, 
but truly this year seemed to flash by in the blink of an eye.  

Seriously,  how did this little bit

Become this big girl so fast?

With our year split by two countries and 4 (maybe 5) homes, 
the time flew by as this one grew from this 

to this before our eyes.

Loved by her family from the beginning, 


She has brought us so many blessings and such a good share of sleepless nights.

Happy first birthday Miss Es,

Our loving, adventurous, cuddle-giver.

May God continue to grow you into a mighty woman, fully in love with Him. 

Friday, October 16, 2015

Getting out of the House

Many a mom has bemoaned the struggle found in the physical act of getting children out of the house.  

“Where are both shoes when we need them?”

“Really a down parka?  It is 80 degrees outside.”

“Who put the car keys in the freezer??”

“Are all the kids here?  Dressed? Shoes?  Well, two out of three isn't too bad.”

Still, a recent venture of ours might have landed at the top of the list of the “getting out of the house” fiascoes….at least in our family.

All was going fairly well, until the second padlock on the metal security door clicked.

Oh wait, you don't have a metal security door?  Meet ours:

(This metal door is double padlocked every time we leave the house.) 

The second padlock had clicked shut and I look around to make sure both boys made it out with me (Esther was strapped to my back.)

My heart sank.  Both boys were there, but neither of them were wearing the keys around their neck.  Usually when we leave, one of them proudly wears the keys to get us out of the gate.  (Another large, padlocked security structure.)

Both boys. No keys.  My heart sank.  There is no way back in the house without the keys and no way out of the yard (remember, the large aforementioned gate).  Both boys swore they didn't have the keys.  Frantically, I quickly looked through my large diaper bag/purse, but came up empty handed.

“What will we do?!?,” I cried.  “Mom, don't worry, Nathan can fit through the metal door,” Caleb volunteered.

See the small oval openings?  Apparently, Nathan is smaller than them....or so we thought.

So began the great home invasion.  We opened the wooden door and picked Nathan up, sliding him through one of the larger openings.  “Fit” is a relative word, but Nathan tightly squeezed through the grates.  Well, he fit after a couple of rearrangements...arms up, shoulders down, head turned was the final correct combination.  The brave boy cryed out a couple of times as he scraped his head or Dubu chomped on his leg.

(I forgot to mention Dubu was locked in behind the metal door.  She thought it great fun that we decided to return Nathan to her through the door.  She showed her excitement as she normally does, jumping up and nipping him repeatedly.)

Nathan went into the house, to appear a moment later breathless.  “I can't find the keys! They aren't in their spot.”  (At about this time, Caleb starts muttering, I thought I had them. I went to the bathroom, found my shoes...etc.)

“Nathan, YOU are our ONLY hope.  FIND the keys!”  I desperately encouraged him.

As he returned to look once more, I started throwing things out of the diaper bag.

It was with a mixture of glee and frustration that I found the keys at the very bottom of the bag.

I cried out to Nathan, who came running and got ready for the extraction process.  Getting out might have been a little harder.  His head might or might not have gotten stuck in both the metal door and the dog's mouth.  After a couple of false tries and a couple of new scrapes, we got him out.

We secured the doors and were finally able to say we got out of the house and were on our way.

Caleb reassured me as we left.  “Mom, don't worry, I had a backup plan.  All I needed was a machete and bolt cutters.  We might have needed a new door afterward, but we would have been in the house. No problem.”

Here's to hoping that we remember the keys from now on or Nathan doesn't grow too much before Esther can take his place in slipping through the metal door.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

A Tomboy in the Making?

I think we might have a tomboy in the making...

One of those girls who doesn't mind getting dirty...

 Loves to play outside whenever possible...

Loves to explore whatever comes her way...

Always on the go...

 But then again, with this crazy bunch... 

She didn't have much hope for other options.

Love those eyes!  

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