Thursday, March 17, 2016

A Mad Dash

"And Venus is...Wait! Is that rain?"  Without another word, we all jump up from our science lesson, making a mad dash out the door. (I have trained them well.)

Caleb, Nathan and I all begin to madly pull sheets and diapers off the line.  While they have only been out for two hours, the hot, African summer sun has dried them almost completely.  

And while that hot sun still continued to shine, fat rain drops splattered from the sky.  The three of us made quick work of the clothes bringing them inside and hanging them up on the clothes line we have hung up in our sun room.  

Unexpected storms, threatening almost dry clothes.

Days of rain when nothing feels dry anymore.  

Mildew on shoes and anything else left sitting for too long.  

Bugs galore and the random bug bites that accompany their plenty.  

Lush green grass and soft moss growing up concrete walls. 

Vibrant, colorful flowers stretching up to drink in the bright sun. 

Slick mud and quickly disappearing mud puddles. 

The soothing sound of a gentle rain on a tin roof.  

The deafening roar of a thunderous deluge on that same tin roof.  

This is life and this is rainy season in Mbeya.  

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Double Digits

In December, we celebrated a fairly special occasion...

This little one entered the double digits and is now 10!  

While I am playing catch up on the blog, this is natural since I have been playing catch up to you since the beginning.  

Looking back through the years, my heart is simply full, to overflowing....  

With praise for the One who gifted me with You...

With joy for the glimpses of the man you are becoming...

With a bit of fear that I have no clue in what I am doing...

With thanksgiving that I am not in this alone and that you have a great role model in your Da...

With excitement for the many adventures that lay ahead for you...

With love for your gentle and compassionate heart...

Happy 10th birthday big man!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


Just before we left for the US, we were able to go on a short trip to Ruaha National Park to see some of God's glorious creation up close.  

While we might have seen many of these animals before in a zoo-setting, there is something magnificent about seeing them in their home habitat.

Sighting elephants just as we had given up seeing any was exilerating.

Driving up on a pack of lions is a breath-taking experience.  

Watching a hippo come out of the creek and stand warily, just a few feet away, is hard to compare.

Hearing Caleb, Nathan and even Esther laugh about the giraffe pulling leaves off of a bush with its tough tongue, is a memory that will last forever.

We cannot help but to be in awe at God's wonderful creativity,

As well as His abundant grace that He shares His creation with us. 

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