Friday, November 25, 2016

Tanzanian Thanksgiving

American Thanksgiving in Tanzania is much like American Thanksgiving anywhere...

Yummy food

Shared with family and friends.

A few fun crafts,

Followed by a chance to welcome Christmas. (At least per our family tradition.)

So what makes a Tanzanian Thanksgiving different?  

No turkey for us. (Too expensive at around $100 per bird.)  We grilled chicken instead.

No creamed soups or quick fixes.  Everything we made was from scratch, from cornbread dressing to pecan pie.  While delicious, this can be quite time consuming.  

No dishwasher...except for our own hands.  Lots of cooking plus lots of eating equals lots of dishes.  LOTS of dishes.

No Black Friday. Just the normal crazy market shopping if you choose to partake. We did not.

No you. While we are thankful for friends here to share the holiday with, this is a time of year when we sorely miss family and friends who are not close by.  

This Tanzanian Thanksgiving we have much for which we are thankful.
We hope and pray your thanksgiving was full of joy and that the gratitude of the season continues throughout the year!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Eight is Great is never two late to post pictures of a cute kid who just celebrated a birthday...right?

But there is some humor in the lateness of this post, since Nathan is Mr. Precise and Punctual.

He is our number guru who doesn't want to hear its 7:00, but wants to know its precisely 7:03.

Even with his precise nature, he is still our sweet, cheerful laid-back boy.  

Happiest of birthday (months) to you Nathan!  Here is to hoping eight is great!
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