Our Story

We are the Richards, David and Wendi.  We met just over 10 years ago (Wow, has it really been that long?)  in a church just outside Washington, DC.  David was at his first job out of college and Wendi was finishing up her last year in college.  While it was not exactly love at first sight, it was the formation of a strong friendship which later evolved into dating and marriage.  (To learn a little more about our early days together you can read here and here.)

We have two little boys, Caleb and Nathan.  Caleb is our talker, engineer and history buff.  Nathan is our giggler, builder and quintessential four year old.

Missions have always been an important part of our faith journey. Over the past few years, God has opened our hearts and directed our attention to serving in missions full-time. After much prayer, searching God's word and talking with those closest to us, we feel that this is God's purpose and plan for our family.

Sometime in the next year, we hope to be joining along side those working with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Mozambique, Africa so that more people may hear and read God's word intimately in their own heart language. David will be using his information technology skills to support linguists, translators and others in the field. Wendi's main focus will be to continue to care for our boys, but she might have the opportunity to take up a part-time support position once everyone is settled.

Before we head to Mozambique we will have the opportunity to spend a little over six months in Brazil learning Portuguese, the trade language of Mozambique.

This is not an easy decision to undertake. Selling our home and many of our possessions, moving our family half way across the world, and leaving many of you whom we dearly love is not fun. But as David has said repeatedly, it is better to be in the middle of God's will for you than in the finest, safest palace outside of His desires!
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